Appalachian State University Memory Project, 2006-2017, undated

In 2006, Belk Library Archivists Kathy Staley and Pam Mitchem began the Appalachian State University Memory Project to document the physical, economic, social, administrative, and academic development of Appalachian State University and its surrounding community. In 2015 Professor and Librarian Mary Reichel continued the oral histories in order to expand our knowledge of Appalachian State University through the recollections and memories of people who contributed to the daily life of the university. Information gathered from this project provides a unique prospective on ASU's history and highlights individual contributions, as well as providing biographical information on the interviewees. The goal of the project is to create a collection of interviews reflecting university and community culture, similar to the University Archive Oral History Collection, led by Ruth Currie before the turn of the twenty-first century. The Appalachian State University Memory Project collection will be housed in University Archives within Special Collections, this collection become a part of the permanent collection to celebrate and preserve the history of Appalachian State University.