Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 1, Side 1


Jack Guy Folk Music Recordings: Reel 1, Side 1


Gaither Carlton, Tab Ward, Arnold Watson, Roger Galloway [See also Auxiliary Tape A]

Side 1: 1. I'm Sorry For You (GC) 2. Heaven Holds All to Me (GC) 3. I Have No Mother Now (GC) 4. Turkey's Knob (GC) 5. The Arkansas Traveler (GC) 6. The Merry-Go-Round (GC) 7. The Faring Way Stranger [Wayfaring Stranger] (GC) 8. The East Virginia Blues (TW) 9. The Cuckoo Bird (TW) 10. Little Sadie (TW) 11. Little Rabbit (TW) 12. Little Birdie (TW) 13. Ole Molly Hare (TW) 14. A Lost Banjo Tune (AW) 15. Cumberland Gap (AW) 16. Pig In The Pen (AW) 17. Katie Cline (AW) 18. Down The Road (AW) 19. Poor Ellen Smith (AW) 20. Cripple Creek (AW) 21. Archie Won't You Take A Little Cider (GC) 22. The Bonaparte Retreat (GC) 23. In The Beautiful Golden Somewhere (GC) 24. I've Been Waiting Lord To Go (GC) 25. Apple Jack (TW) 26. The Yeller Gal (TW) 27. The Cuckoo Babe (TW) 28. Nigger, Where'd You Come From? (TW) 29. The Biscuit Song (GC, TW) 30. Reuben's Train (GC, TW) 31. Darlin' Corie (GC,TW) 32. John Henry [fragment] (GC,TW)


1967 - 1972


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Folk music is also known as culture music and that is very enjoyable as well. I also like to listen the folk music and having a huge collection as well. I’m very glad to read the update the history of the songs and release here.


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