Sourwood Mountain, Sheet Music 09


None, “Sourwood Mountain, Sheet Music 09,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 27, 2022,

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Sourwood Mountain, Sheet Music 09


One leaf with preprinted staff lines handwritten in pencil on both sides. The document is in good physical condition. The document was laminated. The upper right corner and the lower right corner were folded into the laminate. There are numerous tears of varying severity along the edges of the document. There are small holes of unknown origin throughout the document. There are stains of unknown origin throughout the document. The document was folded horizontally and vertically into twelfths, possibly for mailing. There is a handwritten "x" located to the left of the musical notations. There is a handwritten check mark following the musical notations. The document "The Gypsy Laddie," Sheet Music 7 is located at the top of the leaf. The documents "The Lexington Murder," Sheet Music 7, "Common Bill," Sheet Music 4, "Young Charlotte," Sheet Music 11, "The Daemon Lover," Sheet Music 11, and "The Wife of Usher's Well," Sheet Music 11 are located at the bottom of the leaf. The documents "The Gypsy Laddie," Sheet Music 8, "John Reilley," Sheet Music 10, "Dives and Lazarus (I)," Sheet Music 5, and "The Battleship Maine (II)," Sheet Music 4 are located on the reverse side of the leaf.


Folk songs Courtship -- Songs and music Birds -- Songs and music

Alternative Title

Sourwood Mountains. Chickens Crowing on Sour Wood Mountain. Chickens A-Crowing in the Sourwood Mountains. Old Man. Old Man




W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State Unviersity

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I. G. Greer


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Sheet music

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Sourwood Mountain, Sheet Music 09

Document Title

Sourwood Mountain

Scholarly Classification

Brown, Folk Lyric - 251 Randolph, 417

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274 mm x 347 mm

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