Old Joe Clark, Lyric Variant 02


“Old Joe Clark, Lyric Variant 02,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed August 15, 2022, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/31759.

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Old Joe Clark, Lyric Variant 02


One leaf typewritten on the front side. The document is in good physical condition. The document was laminated. The upper left corner was folded into the laminate. There are two minor tears at the upper edge. There is a minor tear at the right lower corner. There are several editorial marks handwritten in pencil. The document is a carbon duplicate. The final two stanzas likely belong to the song "Lynchburg Town."


Folk songs, American Marriage -- Songs and music Poverty -- Songs and music Farewells -- Songs and music

Alternative Title

Old Joe Clark. Old Joe Clarke


W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University

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I. G. Greer


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Old Joe Clark

I ain’t got no money,
Got no place to stay
Got no place to lay my head
While the chickens are crowing for day.


Farewell, Ole Joe Clark,
Good by, Betty Brown
Farewell, Ole Joe Clark,
I’m goin’ to leave this town.

I went down to Dina’s house
She met me at the door
Shoes and stockings in her hand,
Feet all over the floor.

I would not marry an old maid
I’ll tell you the reason why
His nose is always drippin’
His chin is never dry.

I went down to Joe Clark’s house
I had never been there before
He slept on the bold straw bed
And I slept on the floor.

I asked my girl to marry me,
And what do you suppose she said?
There’s plenty of time to marry you
When all the rest is dead.

I wish I had a nickle,
I wish I had a dime.
I wish I had a pretty little Miss
To kiss and call her mine.

Somebody stole my ole coon dog.
I wish they’d bring him back.
He run the big nigger over the fence
And the little ‘un through the crack.

Somebody stole my ole blue hen.
I wish they’d a let her be.
She laid two eggs on every day
And Sunday she laid three.

Classification Title

Old Joe Clark, Lyric Variant 02

Document Title

Ole Joe Clark

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Brown, Play-Party and Dance Songs - 86 Randolph, 533 Combs, 223 Sharp, 183

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218 mm x 357 mm

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Alexandra S. Toomey

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