Fellow That Looks Like Me, Lyric Variant 02


J. F. Poole, “Fellow That Looks Like Me, Lyric Variant 02,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed August 13, 2022, https://omeka.library.appstate.edu/items/show/31528.

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Fellow That Looks Like Me, Lyric Variant 02


One leaf typewritten on the front side. The document is in excellent physical condition. The document was laminated. There is a lamination-related crease at the upper right corner. There are textual corrections handwritten in pencil and black ink.


Popular music -- United States Folk songs, American -- North Carolina Mistaken identity -- Songs and music Courtship -- Songs and music Arrest -- Songs and music


J. F. Poole


W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University

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I. G. Greer


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That Fellow that Looks Like Me.

In sad despair I wander,
My heart is filled with woe.
When on my grief I ponder,
What to do I do not know.
For cruel fate has on me frowned,
And the trouble seems to be
There’s another fellow in this here town
That’s just the image of me.



Oh, wouldn’t I like to catch him,
Whoever he may be?
Wouldn’t I buxrxst his pumpkin head,
That fellow that looks like me.

One day while I was walking
Through a narrow street up town
I was stopped by a man in a rage,
Who said, “I’ve got you, Mr. Brown.”
You know my daughter you have wronged”.
Though his gal I never did see,
But he beat me till I was black and blue,
For that fellow that looks like me.

One day while I sat sparking
A girl as dear as life,
A lady who had just dropped in
Says, “Brown, how is your wife?”
In vain I said I’m a single man
Though married I wish to be.
She called me a swindle and kicked me out
For the fellow that looks like me.


I was walking to the Central Park to go,
I was stopped by a man in a rage who said,
“Pay me this bill you owe”.
In vain I said , “I know you not”
But he would not let me free
Till a crowd came around and the bill I paid
For the fellow that looks like me.

I went to a ball the other night,
Was just enjoying the sport,
When a policeman grabbed me by the arm
And says, “You’re wanted down at court,
You’ve escaped us twice, but this here time
I’ll take care that you don’t go free”.
So I was arrested and took to jail
For the fellow that looks like me.

I was tried next day, found guilty,
And was about to be taken down,
When another policeman then brought in
The right criminal, Mr. Brown.
They locked him up and they set me free,
Oh, he v was a sight to see.
The ugliest wretch I ever saw
Is the fellow that looks like me.

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Fellow That Looks Like Me, Lyric Variant 02

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That Fellow That Looks Like Me

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Randolph, 463

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180 mm x 281 mm

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Sarah C. Tonkin

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