Dear Nell


“Dear Nell,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed July 5, 2022,

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Dear Nell


One leaf, typewritten on the front side. The document is in excellent physical condition. The document was laminated.


Ballads, American Courtship -- Songs and music Letters -- Songs and music

Alternative Title

Charlie Brooks.


W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University

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I. G. Greer


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The Two Letters

Miss Adair, since I left the city,
I find that I’ve changed my mind.
Oh! Please do not think me fickle
Or think me the least unkind.
I find that we’re both mistaken,
I know you would never suit me,
And now my heart is another’s,
And with me I hope you’ll agree.

Please send me the ring that I gave you,
Also my picture so fair.
And please be so kind as to free me
From a flip and a flirt, Miss Adair.
Please send me the locket I gave you
Also my letters and books.
Henceforth Miss Adair, we are strangers,
Respectfully yours, Charles Brooks.

Dear Charley, I received your letter,
The last one you sent to me.
I have read it all over and over,
And with you of course I’ll agree.
I hope that you will be happy
With the beautiful heiress, Miss Gray.
I have heard all about it dear Charley,
And thought it would end this way.

Oh! Here is your ring, dear Charley,
Don’t give it to her, I pray,
Unless you tell her it was mine once,
I’ve had it a year today.
Only a year, dear Charley
‘Twas a bright happy year for us both.
You swore that you’d never forget me,
But you’ve been untrue to your oath.

Oh, here is your picture, dear Charley,
‘Tis almost faded away.
‘Tis because I have kissed it so often,
And that you can tell Miss Gray.
Oh, here are your letters, dear Charley,
I burned mine all when they came,
And I hope without reading them over,
You’ll commit them all to the flame.

You have my heart’s best wishes
For your happiness through life,
May your path be decked with roses
With an heiress for your wife.
And now goodbye, dear Charley,
My letter is nearing it’s end.
But remember dear Charley, remember
I’m forever and ever your friend.

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Dear Nell

Document Title

The Two Letters

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Brown, Additional Songs - 320 Randolph, 735.

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216 mm x 280 mm

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Sarah C. Tonkin

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