Baggage Coach Ahead, Lyric Variant 03


Gussie Lord Davis, 1863-1899, “Baggage Coach Ahead, Lyric Variant 03,” Appalachian State University Libraries Digital Collections, accessed June 30, 2022,

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Baggage Coach Ahead, Lyric Variant 03


One leaf typewritten on the front side. The document is in good physical condition. The document was laminated. The upper left corner was folded into the laminate. There are staple holes at the upper right corner. There is a minor tear at the upper left edge. There is a minor tear at lower right edge. The document was folded horizontally in half. There is one textual correction handwritten in pencil. The document is a carbon duplicate. The informant citation follows the song text. The text comes from an 1896 song by Gussie Lord Davis, 1863-1899.


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Alternative Title

Baggage Coach


Gussie Lord Davis, 1863-1899


W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection, Appalachian State University

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I. G. Greer


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In the Baggage Coach Ahead.

On a dark and stormy night,
As the train rattled on,
All the passengers had gone to bed
Except one young man with a babe in his arms
Who sat with a bowed down head.
The innocent one began crying just then
As if it’s poor heart would break.
Make that child stop its noise,an angry man said,
For it’s keeping us all awake.
Put it out,said another,don’t keep it in here.
We have paid for our berths and want rest.
But never a word,said the man with the child,
As he fondled it close to his breast.
Where is its Mother? Go take it to her,
A lady then softly said.
I wish that I could,was the young man’s reply,
But she’s dead in the coach ahead.


As the train xrolledx rattled onward,
A husband sat in tears,
Thinking of the happiness of just a few short ears.
While baby’s face brings pictures
Of a cherished hope that’s dead,
But baby’s cries can’t waken her
In the baggage coach ahead.

Every eye filled with tears
As the story he told
Of a wife who was faithful and true,
And how he had saved up their earnings for ears
just to build them a home for two.
Then Heaven had sent them a sweet little babe
Their young happy lives to bless.
In tears he broke down when he mentioned her name
And in sorrow he told them the rest.
Every woman arose to assist with the child, -
There were Mothers and wives on the train.
And soon was the little one sleeping in peace
With no thou ht of sorrow or pain.
Next morning at the station he told all goodbye.
Bod bless you,he softly said.
And each had a story to tell in their homes
Of the baggage coach ahead.

Classification Title

Baggage Coach Ahead, Lyric Variant 03

Document Title

In the Baggage Coach Ahead

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Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

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Randolph, 704

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189 mm x 289 mm

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Paul L. Robertson

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