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Interview with J.F. Parker

J.F. Parker talks about his experience as a teacher with the mountain people living in Old Fort. Although he had never finished high school, he got a job as a teacher. He said: "He was going to send me on to teach school whether I knew anything or not." He talks about the hardships living up there, how school attendance was often very low and the kids brought snakes to the schoolhouse. He says the mountain people were a different breed of folk and they understood that "it takes a certain amount of failure in life to make a person what they should be." They were hardened, but strong and firm.

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These diary entries are from the October 1, 1914 through November 30, 1914. This diary includes entries about the death of Greene’s mother, the war, his work at the school, the weather, and the church which he attends. People mentioned in the diary include A.J. May and J.L. Thomas.

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This diary includes entries from April 14 through August 7, 1922. In the diary Greene recorded his thoughts and opinions in addition to a detailed record of what he did that day. This could range from working at home on the farm, working at the Appalachian Training School, preaching sermons on Sundays, traveling, spending time with his family, and visiting with friends and neighbors.

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This letter from Robert Kirby to his aunt, Ada Kirby, discusses a horse that Robert has bought. Robert says that he and his father intend to start teaching again. Robert mentions that Lilly and Bruce (last name unknown) said they would meet him in town, but did not show up.

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This is a letter from Robert Kirby to an aunt of his. In this letter, Robert discusses the upcoming end to the school year and some of his plans for what to do after he finished teaching. Robert mentions his grandpa being ill, and that he wants Millard Fillmore Kirby to know he is planning on coming to visit. Robert says one of his aunts, Lindy Roberts, has died, and that another, Phebe, is very feeble.

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This letter from Robert Kirby to his aunt Ada talks about what has happened to Robert over the Christmas holiday season. Robert talks about teaching and how he only got two days of break for Christmas. The letter also includes mention of the murder of a black man by Rich Reeves, whom Robert says fled the country, abandoning his wife and mother. Robert says that he is homesick and plans on taking a trip to see his family soon.

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