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This is a court summons for Luke Eller from J. H. Reves. Two employees owe a sum of $3,503.11. Eller is required to come to court as a garnishee. The two defendants are Ed. L. King, and J.B. Hash.

This written agreement states the terms of a loan of two hundred dollars from Jacob Eller to William Weaver.

This is the receipt for an exchange made between Luke Eller and John A.Ashley of one hundred and thirty dollars.

This is a receipt indicating that John Ashley’s notes for several hundred dollars were paid.

This is a receipt that indicates an exchange between Aswell and Luke Eller.

This is a slip for Luke Eller from David Latham asking for money for Jacob Eller’s estate.

This is a receipt indicating that Luke Eller paid the fee for management of Jacob Eller’s estate for the year.

This is a receipt indicating that John Ashley received twenty dollars from Luke Eller.

This is a receipt for 40 dollars from H. Haldwell indicating the amount of money paid by the estate of Jacob Eller for legal administration.