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Nellie Calrton was born on February 16, 1903 in Watauga County, North Carolina. E.E. Carlton was born on July 6, 1903 in West Virginia. Mr. Carlton worked as the deputy sheriff in Wilkes, Watauga, and Caldwell County.

Mrs. Carlton talks about her hobby of weaving throughout most of the interview. She explains different parts of the loom along with the different aspects of weaving. Mr. Carlton tells stories of when he worked with the police department, specifically connected with the federal officers and finding stills.

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Ira Shull was born November 8, 1892 in Valle Crucis, North Carolina on a farm where he grew up. During his young adult life, he moved out west to the Washington area, specifically Spokane where he worked on a ranch. Mr. Shull had a hand in bringing telephone lines to the Boone area in the 1940s.

Mr. Shull refers back to his childhood and community life in Valle Crucis including politics, transportation, postal service, outlaws, and homemade remedies. He goes into detail about his experience farming livestock and crops. Mr. Shull also talks in detail about the Great Depression including the WPA projects going on at that time. He shares stories of outlaws and the Civil War his grandfather shared with him as a child.

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Walter Culler was born in Boone, North Carolina in 1882 and grew up on a farm. He lived in Watauga County his entire life and made his living in carpentry.

Mr. Culler begins his interview discussing his childhood on the farm. Mr. Culler talks about transportation in the past like cars and the railroad. To end the interview, Mr. Culler recollects the stories he heard of Boone outlaws.

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