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This diary was recorded by Andrew Jackson Greene from April 13th through July 16th during the year of 1927. This diary includes the typical account of Greene’s day such as the small details of the daily weather, the names of important speakers that he was able to listen to, the friends he visited with, and where he took his dinner. He also included a lot of detailed information about his work at Appalachian Training School. He wrote about his hopes for his students, and the information that he was teaching at the time. He also wrote a lot about the church which he pastored, Willowdale Baptist Church. He wrote very often about Sunday school and his meetings with other pastors.

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This diary was kept by Andrew Jackson Greene from May 18 through July 30, 1929. This was a period of gloom for Greene. He found life’s burdens to be much too heavy. He used his diary as a place to dump his burdens so that he could continue. He wrote about the things that bothered him, and the things that brought him joy. He typically included information about the weather, his friends and family, the school, and church.

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