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This diary includes entries from March 1-May 11, 1916. Each day Greene writes about the weather, schoolwork, church, and the friends he visits with. Because this diary was written in the spring, most of the entries are about the weather, how he longed for warm spring days, but was greeted by snow in the morning. During this time Greene is living in Boone at Appalachian Training School in Boone. He makes visits home, but he doesn’t permanently reside there. Greene often speaks of getting dinner in White Hall, which is still the name of a dormitory at Appalachian State University today. During his time at the school, he began to attend the Baptist Church in Boone.

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This diary includes entries from June 15, 1916 through October 12, 1916. Each day Greene wrote about his work on the farm, his friends, his family, the church, and community events. Important events and people include D.E. Benfield, Mabel Farmer’s Union Rally, J.H. Isaacs and many more.

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