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This is a letter from Emory Taylor Kirby to his brother Millard Fillmore Kirby. This letter makes mention of a turkey and exchange with Lucy Perkins, as well as discusses a possible legal situation that E.T. Kirby is involved with that requires him to go to Circuit Court.

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This is a letter from Robert Kirby to an aunt of his. In this letter, Robert discusses the upcoming end to the school year and some of his plans for what to do after he finished teaching. Robert mentions his grandpa being ill, and that he wants Millard Fillmore Kirby to know he is planning on coming to visit. Robert says one of his aunts, Lindy Roberts, has died, and that another, Phebe, is very feeble.

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This is a letter from Laura Kirby to her uncle Millard Fillmore Kirby, and his wife. Laura talks about the farm they live on, and how her brother and father are making hay in the fields. Laura mentions that she was very saddened by the news that her aunt Ada Kirby had died.

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This is a letter from W. Weaver to Millard Fillmore Kirby. Weaver writes about life in the Colorado Territory, where he is a farmer. He mentions that a man was murdered there shortly before he wrote the letter, and that he might go to Arizona to try digging for gold.

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