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Finkelstein explains his family's past, beginning in 1799 in Lithuania and ending with his life in Asheville.

Leo Finkelstein was awarded the title of "Most Memorable" in 1997 at a talent show in Green Tree Ridge.

An article about the music group "Sanctimonious Seven" that Leo Finkelstein joined when he started learning piano after his retirement from pawnbroking.

A newspaper clipping about Leo Finkelstein's life after he retired and a brief overview of his career as a pawnbroker.

A conglomeration of papers Leo collected over his lifetime, from newspaper clippings about a bookmobile and his father's death to letters from the Buncombe County library. It includes pictures from the Asheville Lions Club and Leo's years serving the…

Information about Sylvia's mother, Rose Bein, and her death in 1960. Includes letter correspondence between Leo and friends and papers about the inheritance money.

An advertisement for buying Leo's books: Asheville and the Poor Man's Bank.

Leo and Sylvia Finkelstein's declaration for a natural death instead of life extending by extraordinary means.