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These daily diary entries were recorded from the dates of May 1, 1908 to December 31, 1908. Each day Andrew Jackson Greene wrote a few sentences about his day and what he was thinking. He included information about himself, his friends, and community…

These diary entries range from the dates of January 1, 1909 to September 30, 1909. Each day Andrew Jackson Greene made a short record of everything he had done that day. The entries include familiar names such as Hugh Hagaman, John Daugherty, and…

This is an Andrew Jackson Greene diary recorded from February 19 through June 12, 1925. In this diary Greene wrote his daily activities such as cutting wood, visiting with neighbors, or spending a day studying. He also included information about his…

This is a summons for several people, including Luke Eller, to come to court in response to a plea made by Jacob Eller over a debt.