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This letter from R.L. Kirby to his uncle, Joseph Eller, discusses how R.L. Kirby has taken over the local newspaper, and mentions a scheme to boost subscriptions by giving some of the profits to people who bring in customers.

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This is a letter detailing to a cousin, Joseph Eller, that the family has just received news about a death within their family. They wish they could be with the other members of the family, but the family isn’t well enough to make the trip, and it’s not realistic with the weather. They write hoping to visit as soon as possible.

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This letter from Jas (James?) Eller to Joseph Eller discusses a proposition from Jas to work as a teacher at a school that Joseph Eller is involved with.

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This letter from Lillie Young to her aunt, Elizabeth Eller, talks about peaches, a new school teacher, and her mother's health.

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