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This is the documentation of an oath. John Ashley owed John Baker six dollars and sixteen cents. Baker testified that this was true and money hadn’t been received.

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This letter from William Lee King to one of his uncles discusses land that belonged to King's mother, but that his cousin, John Baker, has taken possession of. King says that he is now of age, and that he should inherit the land.

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This is a letter from Hansford Eller to Luke Eller, his father. Hansford is serving in the Confederate Army and has been away from home for some time, and is hoping to come back soon. His grandmother, he says, has grim outlooks on both the war and her lifespan, and he relays her worries to his parents, although he implores them to not worry about him much, for if they pray, he claims, then he will be fine and they will win the war. Hansford talks as well about how he swapped his mare for another horse.

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