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This written agreement states the terms of a loan of two hundred dollars from Jacob Eller to William Weaver.

This is a receipt that indicates an exchange between Aswell and Luke Eller.

This is a slip for Luke Eller from David Latham asking for money for Jacob Eller’s estate.

This is a receipt indicating that Luke Eller paid the fee for management of Jacob Eller’s estate for the year.

This is a receipt for 40 dollars from H. Haldwell indicating the amount of money paid by the estate of Jacob Eller for legal administration.

This is a brief financial account of affairs between Luke and Jacob Eller.

This is a summons for several people, including Luke Eller, to come to court in response to a plea made by Jacob Eller over a debt.

This is a letter from Jacob Eller to Mrs. Luke White. In this letter, Jacob specifies his financial intentions in regards to a large sum of money, and appoints Mrs. Luke White to execute his wishes in terms of the money.

This is a receipt indicating a payment received by John Finely from Jacob Eller.

Letter _1826.pdf
This is a financial record referring to matters between Jacob Eller and Luke White. It is largely illegible.