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This is a letter from Mary Kirby, wife of Emory Kirby, to Frances Kirby, her mother-in-law. She talks about how her mother is sick and dying, and how several people in the family have measles. She tells Frances that she will visit once her mother has…

This letter from Elizabeth Eller to her sister, Frances Kirby (Young) discusses Lillian, who Elizabeth Eller appears to be raising, and Sunday School. Elizabeth mentions the horses and mules they have, and the foods they are eating for dinner,…

This letter from E. Roberts, one of Frances Roberts-Kirby's nieces, talks about the recent passing of E.'s mother, Frances sister-in-law.

This is an envelope from Robert Lee Kirby addressed to Frances “Nan” Kirby, and dated 10 June 1887.

This letter from Ada Kirby to her mother, Frances, discusses Bettie’s health. Ada has come to Bettie’s home after Bettie gave birth to Robert Earl in April. Ada says that Bettie has been left bedridden with an abscess from injuries during the birth,…

This is a dismissal letter written in 1870 for Joel and Frances Kirby in regards to them joining another church.