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This is a portrait of Katie Sluder, from Potterstown, posing.

This is a photograph of Harvey Junior Canter and Charles Franklin Miller outside of a house.

This is a photograph of Charles Miller, Harvey Carter, Eula Miller Dollar, Mary Belle Miller Main, and Verlee Miller as children.

A photograph of six girls in the family wearing dresses.

This is a photograph of a father and his children. This photograph features Harvey Canter, Charles Miller, Lula Belle Miller Main, Arlie Vestel Miller, and Eula Miller Dollar.

This is a photograph of four girls in the family leaning on one another. The girls in the photograph (from left to right) are Bertha Nancy Canter Miller, Pearl Main, Hazel Virginia Canter Miller, and Daisy Main. The Main girls are the sisters of R.O.…

This is a photograph of Mae Sluder and her children including, Wesley, Hilery, Katie, and Bessie.

This is a photograph of John Robert Miller (left) and Arlie Vestal Miller (right) standing in front of a home.