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Ms. Trivette's interview consists of many memories from her childhood including growing up on a farm, what the town of Todd was like, and her experiences in the schoolhouse setting. She then goes further talking about her memories of her education…

Diary entries from this diary are from December 13th, 1915 through March 12 1916. In this diary many of the entries are about the weather, Appalachian Training School, and Church. He wrote about a new program that he started at the school called the…

This letter from Fannie Kirby to her aunt Elizabeth talks about Christmas and events in her and her friends’ and family’s lives.

This letter from Lillie to her aunt, Elizabeth Eller, talks about the Christmas Holiday, life in Baltimore, and the weather. Lillie also discusses postage and various clothes that Elizabeth wants her to buy.

This is a letter written by Helen (last name unknown) to a friend. Helen talks about going to school, the subjects she is learning, Christmas, and the marriages and romance she sees going on around her. Helen hopes someone will marry her.

This is a letter from Hansford Eller to Luke Eller. In this letter, Hansford tells his parents what he got his brother Aswell for Christmas and when he plans to come home. He ends the letter with a song he has copied down.