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This letter from Fannie was written in June in reply to a letter she received from her cousin Bettie Kirby. This letter refers to the imprisonment and death of two men, Brother John and Frank. Fannie also tells Bettie about her church activities.

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In this letter to Bettie, Barbara talks about various aspects of domestic life. There is mention of some illness, cloth Bettie has been expecting, fruit growing and other crops, and children.

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This note from Alice is to inform her cousin Bettie that Alice would like for Bettie and her sisters to come have a meal with her on Friday at 3 o’ clock.

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This is a letter written by Elizabeth “Bettie” Kirby to a friend letting them know that she is doing well and asking the friend to visit and write soon. This letter also informs the friend about an illness that is about.

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This is a letter from Fannie Kirby to her cousin Bettie Kirby. The letter, which is largely illegible, discusses Bettie’s going to school and romance.

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This is a letter from a friend to Bettie Kirby. The letter says that many people whom Bettie knows have died.

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This is a letter from Frances Roberts to Bettie Kirby, her cousin. Frances says she deeply misses Bettie and very much wishes to see her at some point, but she does not know when she can. Frances mentions the past Easter, and how she had an interesting time.

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