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The first novelist from North Carolina to become an influential voice in American literature, Thomas Wolfe was an imaginative and persuasive fictional writer. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Thomas Wolfe is best known for his vivid portrayal…

Elizabeth Dotterer talks about growing up in Hot Springs, North Carolina, where many tourists would come and stay over the summer. She explains: "It was the type of tourism we no longer have. You spent the entire summer." After the outbreak of WWII…

This diary includes entries from September 1st through November 14th 1917. Greene wrote each day about his work, the weather, and events within the community, especially church events. People mentioned in this diary include Mr. Walker Tatum, B.B.…

Finkelstein explains his family's past, starting in 1799 in Lithuania and ending with his life in Asheville.

Finkelstein explains his family's past beginning in Lithuania and ending in Asheville.

Finkelstein explains his family's past, beginning in 1799 in Lithuania and ending with his life in Asheville.

A photograph of Harry and Fannye Finkelstein's wedding.

A newspaper clipping explaining the struggles of Asheville's first pawnshop after getting loans became significantly easier.