Mary D. Davis photographs

This collection includes eleven photographs of images related to Appalachian State Teachers College (Appalachian State University) and Boone, N.C. The images date from 1941-1942. Subjects include Appalachian students and the campus and a snow storm in Boone. Downtown store front entrances featured are Dixie Stores and Watauga Hotel and Cafe. Downtown store fronts photographed include Farmers Hardware and the bank located next door. There is also a photograph of the Daniel Boone Hotel directional sign. Mary D. Davis graduated from Appalachian State Teachers College in 1942.

Cars in Snow on King Street

Photo depicts snowy street with vehicles and storefronts of bank, cafe, Farmers Hardware & Supply Co., and Quality Shoe Shop.
Dixie Stores Front Door

Photo depicts several feet of snow on sidewalk and storefronts of Dixie Stores and Watauga Hotel & Cafe.
1941 Boone, N.C.

Photo depicts trees and two homes covered in six or more feet of snow. Snow is blocking front door and porch of one of the homes.

(On reverse side)
Handwritten note: "Snow in Boone, N.C. 1942 5 each"
Stamp in black ink: "A6"
Men Standing in Snow

Photo depicts people standing or walking in snow in front of Watauga Cafe Hotel.
Icicles and Snow

Photo depicts icicles and many feet of snow in front of a two-story home.
Snow Storm Boone, N.C., with Daniel Boone Hotel sign

Photo depicts snowy scene of Daniel Boone Hotel sign, power lines, and trees. Street sign: "Park No Trucks in this block" Handwritten note: "Snow storm Boone N.C. 1942"
Two Women Standing in Snow

Photo depicts two women standing in many feet of snow, in front of a multi-story, brick building.
Carol Davis and Jane (Jene?) Farbes in Snow

Photo depicts two women in winter clothing posing in many feet of snow. Handwritten note: "Carol Davis & Jane (Gene? Jane?) Farbes (Forbes?) Boone, NC"
Group Posing in Snow

Photo depicts group of people wearing winter clothing, standing in front of brick building, tree and snow-covered lawn. Woman is holding a snowball.
Two Posing in the Grass

Photo depicts man and woman standing in front of multi-story brick building.
Appalachian State Teachers College Campus <br />

Photo depicts Appalachian State Teachers College campus, trees, brick, multi-story buildings, cars, and people. Handwritten note: "ASTC Main Drag"