Mountain Home Music, Inc. Collection, 1988-2002, undated

Mountain Home Music, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with the mission statement: "The mission of Mountain Home Music is to celebrate diverse styles of Appalachian performing arts. Mountain Home Music strives to educate and build community through the arts, providing accessible cross-generational experiences." (taken from its website). It was begun by Joe Shannon in 1994 as "Music in the Mountains", and the first concert featured some of his friends Steve Lewis, Rachel Nelson, Becca Eggers-Gryden, and himself, held at the local downtown Boone, North Carolina delicatessen, Our Daily Bread. After discovering the need to change the name due to a conflict with another organization, he changed the name to Old Time Music in the Mountains in 1996, and shortened it to Mountain Home Music in 1997. Concerts were held in various venues over the years, such as churches, school auditoriums, and the Appalachian State University Student Union. It continues today by following Joe's original reason for beginning it - to honor the musicians, dancers, storytellers, and poets of the Appalachian region. As of 2013, Mountain Home Music had produced over 250 concerts, thirty-plus aired on regional television and forty-plus aired on public radio. Joe Shannon was honored by Governor Pat McCrory by receiving The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award, for his exemplary service to the state of North Carolina. Joe was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and stepped down as executive director of Mountain Home Music in 2014. After he moved back to Florida to be with family, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to rename Mountain Home Music to Joe Shannon's Mountain Home Music. Joe passed away on May 13, 2014 at the age of 64.

Bluefield Bluegrass Band, Floyd Townsend, Rick Ramsuer, Elisabeth Harmon, Melvin Turnafy, Becca.

Boone United Methodist Church in Boone, North Carolina. Wayne Henderson, Reverend Marian Swan.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina.the bluegrass band Second Wind: Greg, Barbara, Jim Viperman, Hersey Macmillan. Glenn Bolick.Sing-a-Longs with Elisabeth Harmon.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Elisabeth Harmon, Katie Taylor, Bessie Eldreth. Sing-a-Longs.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Harp by Jackie Bartlet, Autoharp Mary Umbarger, and Hammer Dulcimer by Joe Shannon. Elisabeth Harmon sing-a-longs. Poet Wanita Tobin.

Skeeter and the Skidmarks. Edwind Lacy on banjo, Williard Gahard on guitar, Sandy Loyd on bass, Scott Freeman on mandolin and fiddle.

"Young James Waltz" by The Front Porch Stings. Carter Family performs.

Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Appalachian Music, dance and song.

Tribute to appalachian workers. Singers: Kathy Beaver, Jim Brooks, Hank Weddington. Instrumentalists: Steve Lewis, Scott Freeman, Joe Shannon.

The Banjo: Bluegrass by Steve Lewis, Clawhammer by Edwind Lacy, accompanied by with Scott Freeman. Becca Edwards Rider sing-a-longs.

Pudding Stone: David Abernathy, Nancy Abernathy, Greg Knight, Denise Baxtor Yoder, Larry Hips, Mike Wills. Sing-a-long: Paige Greene.

Rachel Nelson Tribute Concert at Appalchian State University. Elisabeth Harmon with Katie Taylor, Dennis Isaacs, Randy Greer, and Tony Testerman. Mary Greene, Ricochet, David Johnson, Appalachian Music Ensemble.

Tribute to Appalachian workers. Cotton and textile mills.

Watauga County Week. The Bluefields Bluegrass band. Flat foot dancer Robert Dotson.

Christmas Edition. Ashe County.

Strictly Clean and Decent: Patrick Crouch, Kay Crouch, and Ron Shuffler.

Tradition Appalachian Music: Wayne Henderson on guitar, Helen White on fiddle, Herb Key on bass, Gerald Anderson on mandolin, Tim Lewis on banjo. Boone United Methodist Church in Boone, North Carolina.

Chirstmas Concert by Appalachian Music Ensemble. Grace Lutheran Church in Boone, North Carolina.

Ballad singers Katie Taylor, Elisabeth Harmon, Bessie Eldreth.

Skeeter and Skidmarks. First performance at Boone United Methodist Church in summer of 1995.

Carter Family songs. "Young James Waltz" 'by the Front Porch Swings

Cockman Family. Paige Greene Sing-a-Longs. Bluegrass and Gospel.

Sally Tiderman sing-a-longs. Diane Hackler story teller. Johnson and friends.

Sheila Adams, second half.

Phil and Gaye Johnson, Sandy Eagle Sing-a-Longs leader.

Dave Johnson, Appalachian Music Ensemble.

Appalachian Music Ensemble, part 2. Sheila Adams.

Cookshack, second half, end of cuckanandy

Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Blowing Rock Art Center. Piano played by Jeff Little, Guitar played by Wayne Henderson, Mandolin played by Randy Greer. Paige Greene sing-a-long leader. Reverand Mervin Oglethorp and Denise Sanders.

Puddingstone. Harp by Mike Willis, Nancy Abernathy on flute, Larry Hips on guitar, bass, and lute, Greg Knight on Key board, Denise Baxter Yoder as vocalist.

Strictly Clean and Decent, David Johnson, Appalachian dancing.

Cuckanandy and Story telling by Irishmen Billy Ritchie and Ian Coller.