Shull's Mill Photographs

Shull's Mill began around 1835. Its start was a gristmill owned and operated by Phillip Shull. Many of the deeds in this collection have his name on them. The town of Shull's Mill was a small farming community and stopping place on the toll road from Valle Crucis to Blowing Rock. Boom times for Shull's Mill was around 1919 after the railroad made it more easily accessible. This collection contains documents, photos, land deeds, ledgers and such as provide primary sources for those researching Shull's Mill. Several land deeds are intact which show the number of acres and amounta paid for land bought by the Shull family. All of the legal documents are dated in the 1800's. There are also several survey accounts, family photos, and postcards.

Picture Postcard to Mrs. R. S. Shull from Lucy

Postcard of a "Bird's Eye View of Fall Branch." Lucy describes recent travels to Mrs. Shull.
Group Photo of Jessie Shull, Ben Hardin, Bessie Isaacs, Russel Gragg, Addie Isaacs, Ernest Lineback, Robey Shull, Mamie Shull, and Jim Brown

The names of the people in this image are listed on the back of the photo from right to left, rather than the expected left to right.
Group of Men, Some in Military Uniforms, in Front of Large, Ornate Building
Group of Men, Some in Military Uniforms, Sitting on Steps of Large, Ornate Building
Group of Young Men and Young Women in Graduation Regalia

Stamped on reverse. Printed by Texas Studio, Elizabethton, Tennessee
Girl Feeding Apple to Pony, Inscribed "Take a Bite"
Portrait of Young Child Standing in Wicker Chair
Portrait of Three Young Men
Portrait of Young Man and Young Woman
Portrait of Uniformed Man Including Sash, Decorative Pins, Decorated Hat, and Saber
Woman Sitting Side-Saddle on Horse
Portrait of Man and Woman
Railroad Cars and Locomotive on Small Trestle's Damaged Tracks
Portrait of Young Man and Young Woman

Clarke's Studio, Charleston, SC
Two Men (On Reverse: "Back: A.C. Junior 1930, Made by Texas Studio, Elizabethton, TN")

Handwritten on reverse: "Back: A.C. Junior 1930, Made by Texas Studio, Elizabethton, TN"
Portrait of Young Woman

On Reverse: "Made by Hutcheson, Bristol, VA."
Portrait of Family. Man, Woman, Two Girls, Boy, and Baby
Portrait of Young Man and Young Woman

On Reverse: "Made at the Charley Cargille Studio, Johnson City, TN"
Uniformed Men Firing Rifles with Other Uniformed Men Observing
Military Band and Uniformed Men at Attention Around Automobiles in Front of Building Marked "Outpost No. 1 Military Police"
Men in Uniform Standing in Front of Building - Can Marked "Hd.Qrs.
Men in Uniforms and With Rifles In Front of Military Tents
Tintype of Man and Woman
View of 1940 Flood Devastation in Deep Gap, N.C.
Bridge Railing (Double Exposure)
Bridge Railing (Double Exposure)
One-Story Frame House
Frame Building with Snow on Ground
Inn with People on Porch
Side View of House with Severe Roof Damage
Front View of House with Severe Roof Damage
Frame or Log House
Frame Building
Two Women Standing in Front of Train Station
Cow Standing in Front of Barn
Two-Story Frame House
Hotel with Automobile in Foreground
Frame House with Flood-Damaged Yard
Grave with Burial Flowers Atop
Scenic View of Community
Scenic View of Farm
Waterfall Amidst Boulders
River Scene with Wooden Bridge and People in Background [Clyde, NC]
River Scene
Waterfall Scene
Split-Rail Fence Enclosing Field
Boone Fork Lumber Company Band Mill
Band Mill
Logging Operation - Picture Postcard
Logging Operation: Spraying Water on Mountain