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Jack Jeffers Photography Collection

Jack Jeffers is a fine arts photographer who spent almost forty years documenting the people and landscapes of the Appalachian region. This collection features his photographs, which he donated to the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection in 2011.

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Windmill N. Shenandoah Valley c1979

White Cat c1979 Shenandoah Valley of VA

Western VA c1978

Wade's Mill Shenandoah Valley c1979

Wade's Mill 2 Shenandoah Valley c1979

Tree Line Sunset Shenandoah Valley c1979

Tree and Ice Shenandoah Valley c1977

Sunrise Shenandoah Valley c1979

Saint Mary's River Falls VA c1972

Southern Shenandoah Valley c1975

South Mountain Chapel BR Pkwy c1972

Snow Storm Shenandoah Valley, VA  1977

Small Brook Highland County c1979

Simon Ward and Kate E. TN c1974

Shenandoah Valley VA 4 c1975

Shenandoah Valley II c1979

Shenandoah Valley c1979

Shenandoah Landscape c1977

Sheep along the Ridge c1978

Shay Locomotive

Saint Mary's River circa mid 1970's

Rockfish Valley from BR PKWY c1978

Rockfish Valley c1979

Reeds Gap BR Pkwy c1977

Reeds Gap Blue Ridge PKY  1976

Reed's Gap Blue Ridge Pkwy c1977

Raven's Roost Blue Ridge Pkwy c1975

Owens Campbell Blue Ridge c1972

Old Water Mill Shenandoah Valley VA c1977

Old Paper Mill Cass W VA  c1978

Old Log Cabin (book cover) c1972

Old House Near Stuart's Draft VA c1978

Old Homestead Shenandoah Valley, VA c1979

Old Homestead N.of Appomattox, Va c1978

Old Grist Mill Vesuvius, Va c1971

Oceola Mill c1973 Near Vesuvius, Va

NW VA Near Hightown c1981

NW of Hightown, Va  c1979

NW Highland CO VA c1975

Near Blue Grass, Va c1975

My Favorite Fishing Hole c1972

Mr. Turner Turner's Mill Shenandoah Valley c1974

Mr. Turner and Mill Key c1974

Mr Wheeler and Dog c1977 Blue Ridge Mts

Mr Turner Turner's Mill Shenandoah Valley c1974

Mennonite Quilt Making Shenandoah Valley c1973

Mennonite Quilt Making c1979

Local Man near Blue Grass VA  Highland County

Leaning Barn near Montebello, Va c1974

Jack 3  January 10, 2010