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The Jesse and Ann Jackson Donation

Jesse and Ann Jackson Ann Jackson

Beulah Campbell, retired children's literature professor, said of Jesse Jackson, “. . . he came to Appalachian to spend the day and ended up staying the rest of his life.” [1983]

Jesse Jackson's [1908-1983] ground-breaking depiction in 1945 of a young African American boy asking for respect, set the tone and pioneered future writing about racial prejudice in children's literature. In 1974 and as a result of an invitation from Beulah Campbell, he became affiliated with Appalachian State University and for many years was a lecturer and the Writer in Residence for the College of Education. The friendship the Jackson family established with the children's book illustrator, Symeon Shimin led to them acquiring many of his illustrations and sketches. In memory of her husband Ann Jackson has generously donated their collection to the University. Among the many wonderful items is a complete set of Marian Anderson pictures for the book by Toby Tobias [Crowell, NY 1972] as well as nearly all Virginia Hamilton's book illustrations for Zeely [Macmillan, NY 1967], as well as several illustrations from Santiago [F. Warne, NY 1969] (not all online). Many other magnificent pictures are included, as well as a vast array of sketches. The Beulah Campbell Collection is proud to count these numerous sketches and paintings among their holdings. The University is indebted to the Jackson family for these superb illustrations.