Bioregional Journal of the Southern Appalachians, 1983–1993


The Katúah Journal was published for a decade beginning in the fall of 1983 with the last issue published in the spring of 1993. This quarterly publication was devoted to the bioregion of Southern Appalachia, with a particular focus on the former Cherokee land region in Western North Carolina. The early issues of the journal explain the meaning of the Cherokee name, Katúah, and why the editors wanted to view the world through a bioregional lense, rather than political boundaries. A volunteer production, the editors took a holistic view in tackling social, environmental, mental, spiritual, and emotional topics of the day, many of which are still relevant. For more information on the Katúah Journal, see this Appalachian State Special Collections blog post.

The Issues:
Fall 1983–Spring 1993

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Issue 1, Autumn, 1983

Issue 2, Winter, 1983–1984

Includes: Permaculture Practices; Old Time Apples; Alternatives to Economics | Paradise Polluted - The Pigeon River Story; Charlie & Russell - Bear Hunters; and On Becoming Politically Effective - on Bioregional Level


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Issue 3, Spring, 1984

Issue 4, Summer, 1984

Issue 5, Fall, 1984

Issue 6, Winter, 1984–1985

Selu, The Corn Mother; Human Impact on the Forests of the Southern Appalachians; The Little People | Living Trout: Living Water; The Annular Eclipse of the Sun; Homemade Electricity | Cherokee: The Old Days, The Old Ways; The New Celt; Nuclear Waste in Our Mountains? | Winter Solstice Earth Ceremony; Mountain Agriculture; Environmentally Speaking (Horsepasture River)



Issue 7, Spring, 1985

Issue 8, Summer, 1985

Issue 9, Fall, 1985

Issue 10, 1985–1986

Sustainable Economics; Native Village Economy; Responsible Investing | Celebrating Folk Arts in the Schools; The Simple Tools of Healing; Sacred Sites Project | The Trees Speak; Acorn Bread; Starting a Tree Crop | Circles of Stone; "This is Heresy!" Holistic Healing on Trial; The Uktena's Tale



Issue 11, Spring 1986

Issue 12, Summer 1986

Issue 13, Fall 1986

Issue 14, Winter 1986-1987

Cities and the Bioregional Vision; Recycling: Garbage in Transition; Two Bioregional Views | Circles of Communication; The Sacred Scarab; "The Willow Tree": A Children's Story | Home Burial Box; The Wake; Poem: "The Raven Mocker" | Boogers and Mummers; All Species Day; Cabin Fever University



Issue 15, Spring 1987

Issue 16, Summer 1987

Issue 17, Fall 1987

Issue 18, Winter 1987–1988

Coverlets; Bioregionalism and Women; Good Medicine: Matriarchial [sic] Culture | Archetypes of Male Initiation; Cherokee Challenge; View from the Corners: "Valuing Trees" | The Life and Death of Bear #87: Glady and The Pisgah Bear Project; Bear: A Poem; Green Politics in Katúah | Homemade Houses in Katúah: A Photo Feature; Membrane Houses; Solar Composting Toilet




Issue 19, Spring 1988

Issue 20, Summer 1988

Issue 21, Fall 1988

Issue 22, Winter 1988–1989

Rooting Blueberries; Good Medicine: "Power"; Be a Tree | Land Trust: Tenure for Our Time; Farmers and the Farm Bill; Cherokee Microhydro Project | "Where There Be Mountains, There Be Chestnuts"; From the Roots: Chestnut Restoration Work; An Herb Note | An Abundance of Emptiness; Options for Regional Currency: The LETSystem; The Bear Clan



Issue 23, Spring 1989

Issue 24, Summer 1989

Issue 25, Fall 1989

Issue 26, Winter 1989–1990

Planet Art in Katúah; Poplar Appeal; "A New Earth" | Deep Listening; Planting a Tree of Peace; Ethnic Survival | Restoring the Old-Growth Forest; A Question of Value; Oak Decline | Kids Saving Rainforests; Kids' Treecycling Company; Home Schooling




Issue 27, Spring 1990

Issue 28, Summer 1990

Issue 29, Fall/Winter 1990

Personal and Planetary Transformation: A Holistic Model of Healing; EARTH DAY 1990!!: A special pull-out supplement; Food From the Ancient Forest | Carrying Capacity; Transporternatives; Imagining the End of Real Estate | Headwaters Ecology and High Quality Habitat; Adventures on the River; Poem: "Country Store"



Issue 30, Spring 1991

Issue 31, Summer 1991

Issue 32, Fall 1991

Issue 33, Winter 1991-1992

Economy/Ecology; Self-Help Credit Union; On Eco-economics | Dowsing; Katúah and the Earth Grid; Time to Take the Time to Take the Time | A Bit of Mountain Levity; "Talking Leaves": Sequoyah; Off the Grid: Solar Ovens | Fire's Power; The First Fire: A Cherokee Legend; Around the Fire




Issue 34, Spring 1992

Issue 35, Summer 1992

Issue 36, Fall 1992

Issue 37, Winter 1992-1993

Issue 38, Spring 1993

Community Sponsored Agriculture; Native Foods; Katúah Cultivars | Consensus; Decision-Making Process; Problems with Consensus | Using Wood; Wood Products and Western North Carolina; Logging with Horses | Floyd 2020; The Solitary Tree; Wildwoods Wisdom | Toward Sustainable Tourism in Southern Appalachia; Bicycle Touring in Katúah; Cherokee Mythic Sites


Topical Index

Katúah Journal Index, 1983-1993

Acid Deposition, Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Appalachian History, Bioregional Congress, Bioregional Definitions, Black Bears, Book Reviews, Cherokees, Children's Page, Community, Death and Dying, Earth Energies, Ecological Peril, Economic Alternatives, Education, Electric Power Companies, European Immigration, Fire, Folklore and Ceremony, Forest History, Forest Issues, Forest Practice, Geography, Glossaries, Good Medicine, Habitat, Hazardous Chemicals, Health, Hunting, Katúah Organization(sic), Permaculture, Pigeon River, Plants and Herbs, Poems, Politics, Radioactive Waste, Reading Resources, Recycling, Sacred Sistes, Shelter, South PAW (Preserve Appalachian Wilderness), Stories, Transportation Issues, Villages, Water Quality, Western North Carolina Alliance, Wilderness, Women's Issues