The Quest for Knowledge


The Quest for Knowledge


Mural in the Atrium of Belk Library and Information Commons, Dedicated August 2005. Council said at the dedication: "The vortexes symbolize windows into the world. The scrolls illustrate an inward depository of knowledge that is projected into the library building. As information gathering and history are continuous, I have portrayed an infinite glowing path of knowledge. I wanted the imagery [of the scrolls] to relate to ancient scrolls that were present in the greatest of the ancient libraries in history. I have painted the ancient alphabets of the earliest forms of communication, that of Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Asian characters, as well as Hebrew script, early Celtic, Anglo Saxon runes and several mathematical equations that loosely illustrate the importance of math that enable the development of the arts and sciences. I have illustrated in an iconographic way the colleges and departments that make up this University. You will notice, the arts and sciences, educational studies with a link to the past as the Watauga Academy founded in 1899, Business, Theatre, Dance, Music, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Philosophy and Religion, Geology, the applied arts, technology, sustainable building and environmental sciences, computer information systems, a focus on International exchange of and a Global perspective on learning. Last but not least the growing and popular Athletic department, with its historical championship wins illustrated for posterity. "In the upper area of the atrium, the open area with wood beams matches the existing pillars at the base of the atrium. An illusionary treatment creates the dimensional effect of this style of painting. A bright sunlit sky with fluffy floating clouds completes the illusion. The next section is not entirely visible unless you are on the 3rd and 4th floors. It is local and surrounding natural landmarks that are renowned. I have included The Blowing Rock, Linville Falls, Grandfather Mountain, and The Linn Cove Viaduct. They are painted in a monotone that emulates carved limestone block. The insets are some of my favorite native plant life in the area: Mountain fern, Trillium, Rhododendron, and the Dogwood, the state flower.


Brenda Council

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