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1970-71 was a year of many program additions to the Appalachian campus such as the enactment of the Honors Program, the High-Risk program, the Bachelor of Technology, the Appalachian Studies Program, and many Independent Study Programs.

Chancellor Wey gives a report of the 1972-73 academic year, the first year that ASU was a part of the University of North Carolina system.

1974-75 marks a year of significant financial challenges for ASU. Many budget cuts had to be made in order to keep the university functioning. Additionally, Cratis Williams stepped in as acting chancellor for Herbert Wey while Wey was conducting a…

The Chancellor gives a report of the academic year 1975-76 after having traveled around the world. He is very optimistic about ASU's future, having seen the way other universities function internationally.

Herbert Wey presents the annual report for 1976-77, which brought a decline in student population for the first time in forty years. In addition to many improvements to the campus, ASU began to be more selective in the application process.

Chancellor Herbert Wey gives an overview of the Student, Academic, and Business Affairs of the 1977-78 school year.

During the 1978-79 school year Appalachian State University acquired Univac computers, introduced multiple master programs including one in Appalachian Studies, improved the music building, allowed for more housing for freshman males, and introduced…

In 1979 the Faculty Development Fund was created by the ASU Foundation allowing for much more funding for faculty research and projects. An emission spectrograph was bought for the Geology Department and the New York Loft continued to be improved.…

1980 brought many changes to the Board of Governors. There was an increase in student population, the largest class being freshman keeping with the trend of recent years. The program in Nursing Education was added.

This report discusses the communication revolution and the role that AppalNet has played in communication across campus. The university expresses a desire to have more funds to support the growth of technology on campus. The Chancellor's Scholarships…

Chancellor Thomas gives a report on the academic year 1982-1983, which includes an optimistic look to the future as a result of a year-long strategic planning process.

This report discusses the technological revolution and the push to include higher education. There were changes made to availability of Greek housing, improvements to the Student Union, and a review of all the graduate programs that takes place every…

In 1983 the BA in Social Studies was eradicated and replaced by more expansive programs in anthropology, political science, and sociology with multiple foci. The International Education Office added programs in Seoul, and offered seven study abroad…

During the 1984-85 year many changes in technology were made including the introduction of the satellite up-link and the usage of microcomputers. Lois Reich donated one million dollars to the university and established the Reich College of Education.…

1985 was the first year that a waiting list had to be put into place because of the increase in admission applications. The Walker College of Business underwent many improvements, the Mountaineer Community was founded, a degree in Applied Physics…

The year 1987 brought many new students to Appalachian's campus, an increase of 1200 despite efforts to increase selectivity called for many changes to be made on campus. Social Work was added as a major as well as improvements to the Anthropology,…

This four-page document contains meeting minutes describing recommendations for the format and contents of the annual report.
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