Dr. Fred Webb, Jr., Barbara Webb and Jennie W. Brandt Oral History Interview


Dr. Fred Webb, Jr., Barbara Webb and Jennie W. Brandt Oral History Interview


Dr. Fred Webb is a retired Professor Emeritus for the Geology department. He was never a student at Appalachian State University but he came to Boone as a professor in 1968. In 1971 he became chair of the department and in 1973 the geology department was created. He served as chair for the geology department for 20 years before stepping down. He worked at Appalachian State until 2004. He was rewarded for his service in the Geology department with the creation of the rock garden which is named after him. His wife Barbara was also not a student at Appalachian but she taught at the local high school and was an active member of the community. Their daughter Genny joined them for the interview and talked about her time as a student at Appalachian.

Information discussed in the interview: childhood, early education, college education, being a professor at Appalachian, Geology Department, administrators, the Boone community, faculty senate, and teaching as a exchange professor in China.




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