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Contains recollections of two long-time residents of Catawba Valley, North Carolina and historical tales of the region

Comprehensive history of Western North Carolina since the Civil War.

Blue Ridge Parkway_The First 50 Years by Harley E Jolley.pdf
A collection of photographs of the Blue Ridge Parkway, photographed by William Bake. Descriptions and text by noted Appalachian Historian Harley E. Jolley. Bake and Jolley explore the history of the Blue Ridge Parkway through photographs.

Life in the Stage Coach Days at Historic Sherills Inn_Paintings by Elizabeth Cramer McClure.pdf
Paintings by Elizabeth Cramer McClure on the walls of a room in the original inn restored as a home by Mr. and Mrs. G.K. McClure, Fairview, North Carolina.

Leo Finkelstein's handwritten account of his memories as a part of the Lions Club.

Historical reports from the time when Leo served as historian of the Lions Club.

Leo Finkelstein's family has it roots in Lithuania, but his father had to flee after hitting a Russian soldier on the head. After living in various countries, he settled in Asheville according to the advice of a doctor and opened up a pawnshop on…