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This letter, from Alice Kirby to M. F. Kirby, is written from Kingsville, Kansas. She addresses M.F. Kirby as "Mr." and "Brother." Alice talks about family life, farming and the Fourth of July in Kansas. The towns mentioned include Maple Hill, St.…

This letter, from S.J. Kirby to his sister Ada, describes the the activities taking place on a prairie farm around the fourth of July. The process of gathering hay and the price of corn are included.

This Letter is about the writer’s illness.

This is a court summons for Jake Eller. Two employees owe a sum of $3,503.11. He is required to come to court as a garnishee. The two defendants are Ed. L. King, and J.B. Hash.

This is a letter from Emory Kirby to Nannie Kirby. Emory informs Nannie of the fact that he will soon be moving to a new location and tells her how to address any mail she sends him.

This letter from Fannie was written in reply to one of Bettie Kirby’s earlier letters in the collection. This letter describes the death of two men, Frank and John. Fannie also tells Bettie about her church and her health.

This is a letter from Samuel Jefferson Kirby to his sister Betty. The letter mentions such things as bad weather; sending stamps to Jeaney in hopes that she will write; and the little amount of food they have to eat.

This letter from Emory Kirby to his father, Joel, discusses recent developments in Greenbrier and surrounding counties after Morgan’s Raid in Ohio. Emory Kirby says that he does not believe that the war will end any time soon, and that the reports…

This is a letter from Emory Taylor Kirby to his brother Millard Fillmore Kirby. This letter makes mention of a turkey and exchange with Lucy Perkins, as well as discusses a possible legal situation that E.T. Kirby is involved with that requires him…

This letter written to Fannie Kirby’s aunt includes a part of a letter to her sister.The portion of the letter written to her aunt Ida deals with Fannie's desire to leave her current location with Bob.