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The proceedings from the 1987 Appalachian Studies Conference includes contributions by Sandra L. Ballard; Richard Blaustein; Ricky Cox; Alan J. DeYoung; Howard Dorgan; Karen Tice and Albie Pabon; Bennie Lee Sinclair; Amy Tipton Gray; Marie Tedesco;…

The proceedings from the 1982 Appalachian Studies Conference includes contributions by Rick Simon; Ronald D. Eller; Deborah Morentz Markley and Brady J. Deaton; William W. Philliber and Phillip J. Obermiller; Virginia McCoy Watkins and Diana Gullet…

A collection of essays exploring the industrialization of the Appalachians and the effect on the economy.Download EPubUNC Press Print on Demand

Southerners, Jonathan Daniels once observed, are a "mythical people created half out of a dream and half out of slander, who live in a still legendary land". If this description is applicable to the south in general, how much more applicable is it to…

Taken together, these fifteen essays represent the interdisciplinary nature of Appalachian Studies and the broad range of interests within the Appalachian Studies Association. They also represent a maturing of the field that is engaging itself in a…

A collection of some of the more important papers presented at the third annual Appalachian Studies conference.Download EPubUNC Press Print on Demand

Appalachian Studies conference returns to Berea, Kentucky. The papers in this publication are a sampling of those presented at the Berea meeting.Download EPubUNC Press Print on Demand

In March of 1978 the first Appalachian Studies conference was held at Berea, Kentucky.Download EPubUNC Press Print on Demand

The papers included in this publication are a representative sampling of those presented at the conference. Budgetary and editorial considerations precluded the inclusion of many other papers. It is our hope that his volume will contribute to a wider…

As part of Project Open of the United States Office of Education, the Appalachian Consortium sponsored the Southern Appalachian Regional Conference (May 13-16, 1974) at the Center for Continuing Education at Appalachian State University.Download…