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A collection of poems by Bettie Sellers created from stories told by her grandmother. Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand

Warren highlights the stories from the Appalachian Mountains including musicians, ballad collectors, and photographers.Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand

An exploration of the values of family, community and work in the Appalachian region's literature.Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand

Compilation of local history, sayings, folk beliefs, food preservation, and recipes.Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand

A memoir of Cratis' life after he moved to Boone and began teaching at Appalachian State. He was very interested in mountain speech, music, and heritage, and taught English, speech, and dramatics. He eventually became an influential administrator of…

Charles Watkins talks about his service as a typist in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. He spent a year overseas, and finished his 3-year service contract conducting mental health tests in the US.