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Dictionary of southern mountain words.

Novel based on Kate Day's family. It is an attempt to dispell stereotypes and misrepresentations of Appalachian people.

It is a relatively simple task to document the social ills and the environmental ravage that beset the people and land of Appalachia. However, it is far more difficult and problematic to uncover the causes of these tragic conditions.

Back around the turn of the century when he was trying to gather information about the Southern Highlands, Horace Kephart discovered, to his dismay, that very little had been written about the area known as Appalachia. The Checklist and Purchase…

A regional analysis providing demographic and socio-economic data on 399 counties of the 13 Appalachian states

The story, as related by Barbara Hallowell, of the Hallowell families years in Western North Carolina.

Artisans_Appalachia_USA by David Gaynes.pdf
The many individuals and the eleven institutions responsible for this exhibition have agreed that no introduction is necessary or would be provided. We hope that each person that views the exhibit will be able to use the basic descriptions provided…