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A collection of writings by methodist clergyman ardent unionist, and editor of the Tennessee Whig, Parson Brownlow.

The country's longest running resident theater, the Barter Theater, is profiled.

This work explores author Thomas Wolfe's life and career from birth in Asheville until death in 1938.

Between 1940 and 1970 an estimated three million people left their home places in Appalachia in search of jobs. Many migrated to industrial centers in the Midwest and settled in cities like Cincinnati, Chicago and Detroit.

This journal will make our excellent studies more accessible within the region and far beyond it as well. It will be interesting to see what far corners of the world our voices will be heard.

A collection of essays exploring the industrialization of the Appalachians and the effect on the economy.

Southerners, Jonathan Daniels once observed, are a "mythical people created half out of a dream and half out of slander, who live in a still legendary land". If this description is applicable to the south in general, how much more applicable is it to…

Taken together, these fifteen essays represent the interdisciplinary nature of Appalachian Studies and the broad range of interests within the Appalachian Studies Association. They also represent a maturing of the field that is engaging itself in a…