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A collection of poems from one of the regions best poets.Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand

Four volumes that present graphical data maps and analysis of county statistical data Southern Highlands, government data, Appalachia, maps Extensive images, may need to seek permission for use of collaborative material.UNC Press Print on Demand

Lesson plans designed for teachers throughout North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.UNC Press Print on Demand

Recounting of the experiences of six families of Rutherford County, North Carolina.UNC Press Print on Demand

The Cherokee Perspective is not intended to be a review of historical literature about the Qualla Boundary, nor is it meant to be a sociological study full of bar graphs and statistics. The book is the product of many writers, each of whom covers an…

A collection of essays from the symposium honoring Dr. Cratis Williams

The very ancient Eastern forest of North America is characterized by an extraordinary variety of plants, animals, and human communities. Barry Buxton refers to this diverse area as the Great Forest in his book A Great Forest: An Appalachian Story,…

The papers included in this publication are a representative sampling of those presented at the conference. Budgetary and editorial considerations precluded the inclusion of many other papers. It is our hope that his volume will contribute to a wider…

As this volume marks a new beginning it is appropriate that this essay should speak to the nature of the Appalachian Studies conference, as well as introduce this collection of papers to the 1982 conference.Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand

Contains recollections of two long-time residents of Catawba Valley, North Carolina and historical tales of the region.Direct EPub LinkUNC Press Print on Demand