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  • Collection: Moonshining in Burke County: The Career of N.C. ABC Officer Fred Hennessee
This image shows a view of an outdoor still in an unknown location. Barrels and crates can be seen in a wooded area.
This image shows, from left to right, Dean Lloyd and Fred Hennessee amongst marijuana plants. This is possibly a picture of a bust.
This image shows, from left to right, Jack Wright, Robert Smith, and Larry Cox in 1976. They can be seen leaning on a car behind confiscated moonshine jugs.
This image shows, from front to back, Alvin Wise, Fred Hennessee, and Lee Britain at Hildebran bust in 1971. Officers can be seen inspecting the still.
This image shows a view of barrels in Workman's underground still on Warlick Chapel Road in North Carolina in 1973.
This image shows an investigation of the still at Warlick Chapel Hill Road in Burke County, NC. Fred Hennessee is standing in the center with still owner Pearlie Workman on right.
This image shows the entrance to an underground still believed to belong to Pearlie Workman. Viewer can see through the chicken house door the hidden entrance leading to the underground still.
This image shows a photo of still that was located on Pete Britain Rd in Burke County, North Carolina. Still appears to have been confiscated by law enforcement.
This image shows Bob Deviney in back left. Fred Hennessee is standing on the right watching still destruction near Silver Creek. An unknown officer stands in the center with axe.
This image shows a view of an alcoholic beverages destruction pile from below the truck. Jerry Williams can be seen on the right.